Spring shoots

Looking for a portrait photographer? Great news, my outdoor photo shoots are now available. Let’s get out there and get creative.

portrait photo specialities

Social & Commercial Portrait Photographer

Child Portrait Photographer

Do you ever feel that time is just flying by - the children growing up so quickly? And wouldn’t you just love to have something tangible to help you look back on it all? Of course, we all take countless snaps of our children on our mobile phones. But nothing compares to the quality of beautiful professional photographs. Tempus fugit! So let me help you create your very own portrait photo 'time machine'.

Teenager Portrait Photographer

My teenager portrait shoots are a bit like an American ‘senior’ portrait shoot. That’s how our friends across the pond celebrate their teenagers as they transition from their school years into adulthood. The perfect time to capture some stunning and fabulous portraits which chronicle this important stage in a young person’s life. So, if you have a teen in your life, go on... give them the gift of a gorgeous, esteem-boosting teenage portraits to treasure.

Family Portrait Photographer

I aim to capture the essence of your family in natural, timeless images for you to enjoy as prints, wall art or in a contemporary photo book album. As a result, you will have wonderful family photos to cherish and share. Leaving tangible memories behind for future generations.

Lifestyle Portrait Photographer

Wouldn't you just love to have more photos you are proud to share with your family and friends on social media? Or perhaps you want some alluring new avatar images for your online dating site. On the other hand do you want to make a statement with an impressive piece of wall art or create a keepsake for yourself? Together, we will create a unique set of portraits which tell your story - your passions, your interests, your hobbies. In other words, photography which communicates your personality - your story.

Pet and Animal Portrait Photographer

The animals in our life are like members of the family. Whether dog, cat, horse... They all have there own personalities and characteristics. From lively cheeky creatures and faithful, helpful companions to serene well behaved pensioner pets enjoying the autumn of their years. One thing is for sure - their natural habitat is not a photo studio. That's why all of my pet and animal photo shoots are on location - where they feel right at home.

Portrait Party Photo Shoots

A unique kids party, birthday party, hen party, works do... or just a great excuse to get everyone together again. Photos can be taken individually and as a group.

Business Headshots and Personal Brand Portrait Photo Shoots

First impressions matter in this digital age. The photos you use to project who you are and what you do have more impact than ever before. Not only that. The photos you use are speaking to your associates, contacts, prospects and customers 24/7. Even when you are not. Whether it is on social media, your website or in print, the same is true. For this reason, my professional portrait photography is truly an investment. Presenting you at your best. Helping you stand out from the rest. Making the right impression and developing those all important connections. > personnel and team portraits > business headshots > environmental portraits > social media profile photos

Portfolio and Promo Portrait Photo Shoots

I understand how important your image is to your career. For this reason, my goal as a professional portfolio and promotional photographer is to work with you to create a series of eye-catching images. Photos that best capture you and get the attention you want. Boosting your profile and maximizing your reach as a result. Essential photography for models, actors, dancers, musicians, bands, DJs, performers, writers, artists, bloggers, influencers...

portrait photo shoots

Portrait Photo Shoots in Scotland

Beautiful portrait photos created with you

I love my work as a portrait photographer in Scotland. My mission is to create beautiful portraits which are both unique and full of real character and personality. For me the best portraits are always authentic and natural. To help with this, I prefer to photograph people in their familiar surroundings. 

I’m sure that most of us find it a bit daunting to go in front of the camera. (At least I know I do. I much prefer being on the other side of the lens.) And when you add the unfamiliar surroundings of a photo studio into the mix. Then there’s the journey there. Wondering what to take. Well, all of that can often just add to the stress. 

That’s why I prefer to bring your portrait photo shoot to you.

your location portrait photo shoot

Location photo shoots can provide fabulous opportunities to create unique, eye catching images. Indoors or outdoors (or a bit of both).

This can be at your home and garden for instance. Or your workplace or studio if you portraits are for professional use. Want a particular look? You could rent a space to have your shoot. An Airbnb for example.

Or choose an outdoor location. A town or cityscape, a park, garden or beach. Or make the most of the Scottish countryside. There are so many beautiful places to choose from. Wherever you fancy. Somewhere with free public access; or that you own; have rented; or arranged access with the owner. Get in touch if you need help deciding.

I can arrange your shoot somewhere extra special if you like. An extra charge will apply. Please get in touch for options and more details.

studio portrait photo shoots options

If you prefer the studio look, with a plain background and studio lighting I can bring my pop-up studio to you. Of course, you will need to have a suitable indoor space available. There is an extra charge for this. 

Alternatively, I can arrange your shoot at a professional photo studio in Edinburgh, Glasgow or West Lothian. There is an extra charge for this. Interested? Please get in touch and I can give you more details.

Your own private online photo gallery

After your shoot I’ll process the photos and create your own private online gallery. Password and ssl secured. So you can conveniently view your photos and choose your favourites. No need to arrange a follow up viewing appointment. Unless you want one, of course.

My portrait photo shoot packages include some prints or printable digital image files. You can order more through your gallery, if you wish. There’s lots of other photo items you can order this way too. Options include photo books, wall art and photo gifts.

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Packages & Prices

Portrait Photo Mini Shoot

The portrait photo mini shoot takes 30 minutes and is suitable for individuals, families (up to 5 people), children, teenagers, couples and business headshots. It’s ideal as a ‘taster’ session or if you only need one simple photo, for an application for example, or a profile photo. The session includes your own private web gallery to view your photos and choose your favourites and your selection of one final images as a digital JPEG image file or 12×8 inch / A4 print.

  • 30 minute photo shoot at your chosen location*
  • Standard editing (e.g. minor blemish removal)
  • Your own private online gallery
  • 1 photo as a 12 x 8 / A4 print or printable digital image file**


Portrait Photo Standard Shoot

My standard 1 hour portrait photo shoot is suitable for individuals, families (up to 5 people), children, teenagers, couples, lifestyle, boudoir, pets, business and personal brand portraits. The session includes your own private web gallery to view your photos and choose your favourites and your selection of up to 6 final images as digital files or 12×8 inch / A4 prints.

  • 1 hour photo shoot at your chosen location*
  • Standard editing (e.g. minor blemish removal)
  • Your own private online gallery
  • 6 photos as 12 x 8 / A4 prints or printable digital image files**


Portrait Photo Extended Shoot

This extended 2 hour portrait photo shoot is suitable for shoots involving multiple individuals. Such as larger families (more than 5 people); commercial staff portraits or portrait photo parties. Also ideal for portrait shoots where multiple looks are required. Including different outfits or background settings. The session includes your own private web gallery to view your photos and choose your favourites and your selection of up to 12 final images as digital files or 12×8 inch / A4 prints.

  • 2 hour photo shoot at your chosen location*
  • Standard editing (e.g. minor blemish removal)
  • Your own private online gallery
  • 12 photos as 12 x 8 / A4 prints or printable digital image files**


* indoor or outdoor location which has free public access or you own, have rented or you have arranged consent with the owner. ** Additional photos can be purchased through your online gallery.

portrait photo shoots

Optional Extras

Studio Shoot

With plain backdrop - standard choice of white, black or grey plus professional photo studio lighting (access to electric sockets required). I can bring my pop-up studio to your location or arrange your shoot at a pro studio in Edinburgh, Glasgow or West Lothian (other locations on request).


£60 per individual set-up.

Shoot time

Extend your photo shoot as required in 30 minute increments.


£40 per each additional 30 minutes

Advanced image edits

Standard editing e.g. minor blemish removal is included as standard. Advanced editing such as body sculpting, beauty retouching and background amendment can also be requested.


£60 per hour. Min £15. Price quoted on request.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I do not usually charge extra for shoots within Central Scotland. If you are considering a shoot outside of the ‘central belt’ please get in touch for more info.

After your photo shoot I will edit the photos and create your very own password protected and ssl secure online photo gallery which you can access via my website. I will email a link and the password as soon as your gallery is online. So that way you will be able to view your photos whenever you wish. And you’re more than welcome to share the password with family and friends too. 

The best bit is that there’s no need for a ‘viewing appointment’. Instead you can conveniently order beautiful prints, albums and contemporary wall art along with printable high resolution image files through your own private online gallery for direct delivery. That way you only pay for the items that you really want and there’s no sales pressure. You can also select the photos included with your photo shoot package in this way too.

Dark clothing tends to slenderize, light clothing can look beautifully fresh. Whatever makes you feel confortable, confident and happy.

That said, it’s probably best to avoid:

  • Items that are all the same colour/too matchy-matchy.
  • Loud, clashing colours & patterns. This can be overwhelming and will take away from the photos.
  • Avoid overly logo-studded items too. Fashion can be so fickle!
  • Choose items that are flattering and fit well – not too baggy.

Only for children’s portrait party shoots. However, if you would like to include any which you have in the shoot that would be fine by me.

Hmm yes, the braw Scottish weather? If your outdoor shoot cannot go ahead because of poor weather you will have the option to switch to an indoor location; or reschedule to another available day / time. When neither option is possible you will receive a refund of any deposit / shoot fee you have paid.


portrait photographer

Sample Gallery

Last but absolutely not least here are a selection of sample photos. Click on any of the images to see a larger version and enter slideshow mode. WANT MORE? Please visit my ‘view and buy’ client area.