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Dance photographer: from moving art to stunning still image

Dancers elevate movement into an art form. They create a continuous, dynamic flow of fleeting artistic moments. Each of which may be expressing, storytelling, communicating, interacting. And in the same instant also impressing and entertaining.

My art as a dance photographer is to ‘freeze’ some of these moments as still images. And, by doing so, preserve them to be considered, enjoyed and admired forever.

Whilst my experience as a dance photographer has given me a deep appreciation of this art form. It has also given me the opportunity to work with wonderful dancers of all ages and abilities. And for this I will always be grateful. 

That’s not just some gratuitous flattery to get you on side. I really mean it. Because, almost without exception, I find dancers to be incredibly hard working, dedicated, warmhearted, creative people. Which I find both inspirational and energising. 

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dance photographer services

So what do you want to create?

I really do appreciate how hard dancers work. (Ditto dance educators, choreographers and production crew… can’t leave you out). And this is especially true in the run up to an exam, audition, competition or performance… Which are often the very times when you might want photos taken too. So I will always do my best to fit in with your busy schedule. Making your photo shoot a positive, stress free and enjoyable process.

I’ve split the main areas of dance photography I cover into four groups below. I hope this helps your search. But if you’re looking for something different, or indeed if have any questions, then please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you. And hopefully I can help.

Dance Show PhotographY

My flexible show coverage can include performance ‘action’ photos and behind the scenes ‘candid’ shots. I can attend the dress rehearsal, preview, performances or a combination of these depending on what you want to create.

There’s usually no cost for me to attend and take the photos. Which I’ll edit and make available to view and buy by the school; or family and friends; or the dance company. Generally this is through my private and secure online gallery portal. 

Dance school Photoshoots

I’ll tailor the photo shoot just for your school. You choose the location. I can bring lighting, backdrops and so on, to capture studio-quality images of your dancers. Either in costume, dance school uniform… or you choose. 

These can be ‘stand alone’ photo shoots. Or can complement your shows (see dance show photography above). But don’t worry. I know how stressful the run up to a show can be. So I always do my best to fit in with your busy schedule.

dance competition photography

Elevate your dance competition experience! From action-packed performance shots to awards ceremony coverage and winner portraits. Need publicity photos for your upcoming events? I can capture behind-the-scenes moments and workshop highlights alongside the competition.

More good news. There’s usually no cost for me to attend and capture the magic. I’ll sell the photos directly to competitors and their followers through a secure online gallery portal.

dance portraits and portfolios

When you’re building a dance career it’s often the case that the people you most want to impress will see your photo before they decide whether or not they want to see you.

So whether you’re an aspiring dancer applying for a vocational course or a seasoned performer looking to update your portfolio. I offer personalised photo sessions, creating images that highlight your talent, versatility and unique style. Helping you make the right first impression.

Customers reviews

What people say?

Alan has worked with myself and my dance school for 10 years. He has produced our show photos - both costume portraits and on stage, live pics - as well in studio portfolio shoots and location shoots. The shoots are always fun, comfortable and professional and he makes everyone feel at ease.
The end results are fantastic and parents, students and teachers are very excited with the outcome of all the photos and merchandise produced. I'd highly recommend Alan to anyone looking for a friendly, professional photographer - especially for dance school photography.
Kelly Salmond
School Director - KS Dance Academy

some Faqs

Now for the where, when and how stuff?

I hope this is of interest. Ready to take the leap? You may have questions. I’ve tried to answer some here. But please don’t hesitate to get in touch for anything else.

Usually I will come to your chosen location, indoors or outdoors. So that could be your dance studio, rehearsal room, performance venue, on a beach, in a forest… I can also arrange a photo studio shoot if preferred (subject to availability).  I chiefly work throughout Scotland, covering the whole country. Although I am happy to travel throughout the UK and beyond if required. 

I am happy to fit in with your schedule. And can arrange shoots morning, afternoon and evening (night time too), 7 days a week. Subject to availability of course. 

For dance school shoots and show or competition coverage please get in touch to discuss options and availability.

For portrait and portfolio shoots: my online booking portal is coming soon! Meantime please call, message or email for prices, availability and booking

(see contact details below).

Please get in touch to discuss options and prices.

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I hope this is of interest. Please get in touch if you have any questions. 

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